Russian language as a foreign

Russian as a foreign language online (skype lessons) for children, teens and adults.
Effective online Russian course in British Academic Centre (is located in Russia)

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Our courses of the Russian language online are highly intensive and have the goal to help you achieve the required level of Russian in order to travel to Russia and enjoy this state, work in Russia, make business here or study, watch TV programs in Russian, read news and fiction, listen to Russian songs, and communicate with Russians without any problems.

We offer different courses, its aimed as for beginners as for professionals (include foreign teachers of Russian) at developing and improve skills in:

  1. Russian phonetics and grammar
  2. oral communication
  3. listening to spoken Russian
  4. reading and writing
  5. business Russian
  6. discovering mentality of Russians, manners and behavior, Russian traditions, history and culture
  7. making notes and understanding lectures
  8. writing essays and reports, etc.

Our teachers are native Russians who have high education in methods of Russian language teaching. Lessons with our teachers are effective and interesting. Step by step, and You will speak Russian better and better!

Our Russian language courses:

  1. Elementary  (register for a course)
  2. Basic  (register for a course)
  3. Pre-Intermediate  (register for a course)
  4. Intermediate (register for a course)
  5. Upper-Intermediate (register for a course)
  6. Advanced (register for a course)

Special courses:

  1. Russian for travelling (register for a course)
  2. Preparation to Russian language exams (migrant workers, residence, temporary residence, citizenship) (register for a course)
  3. Business Russian  (register for a course)
  4. Russian for children and teenagers (7-14 years old) (register for a course)
  5.  Russian for bilingual children (register for a course)
  6. Russian for diplomats and politologists (international relations) (register for a course)
  7. Russian for journalists (register for a course)
  8. Russian for touristic business (guides, hotel and restaurant workers) (register for a course)
  9. Russian for economists (register for a course)
  10. Russian for engineers (register for a course)
  11. Russian for medical workers (register for a course)

Special courses in Russian:

  1. Russian history (register for a course)
  2. Russian culture, art and traditions (register for a course)
  3. Russian literature (register for a course)
  4. Modern Russian language of mass media (register for a course)

Advanced training course (in Russian):

  1. Course for Russian language teachers “Methods of RFL teaching” (36 hours) (register for a course)

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In the end of every course we will send You a certificate (by e-mail and post)


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